Singapore Zoos

Butterfly Park & Animal Kingdom

Singapore ZoosStep inside a giant kaleidoscope when you visit the Butterfly Park – with thousands of tiny fluttering wings offering butterfly kisses to the skin in a riot of colours. Be guided by fireflies as you travel underground through the 70 metre long cave or come face to face with Rhino Beetles, Giant Spiders and Scorpions.

Location: 51 & 51A Cable Car Road, Sentosa
Contact: 65 6275 0013
Open: 9.00 am to 6.30 pm
Admission: Adults SGD 10, Children (3 – 12 years old) SGD 6

Jurong BirdPark

The Jurong BirdPark opened in 1971 with birds from over 12 countries, 7 zoos and 40 private donors. Today, the Park has been revamped and is now home to 9 000 birds of 600 species. The park has created natural habitats for the birds to live in, including The African Wetlands, Penguin Parade, Riverine, The Waterfall Aviary and the Southeast Asian Birds Aviary which features a walk-in aviary with simulated tropical thunderstorms.

There are also a number of shows you will find entertaining and interesting. The Birds n Buddies Show was created by a Las Vegas show producer, feed the Lorikeets at the Lory Loft, visit the Birds of Prey Show or learn to Be-a-Falconer.

Location: 2 Jurong Hill
Contact: 65 6265 0022
Open: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm
Admission: Adult SGD 18, Child (3 – 12 years old) SGD 9 – Prices are subject to changes

Night Safari

This multi award winning zoo comes to life afterdark. Visit one of the eight georgraphical zones like the Southeast Asian rainforest, African savanna, Nepalese river valley, South American pampas or Burmese jungle and come face to face with rhinos, hyenas and giraffes. There are over 900 animals of 135 different species at the zoo.

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road
Contact: 65 6269 3411
Open: Night shows 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm
Admission: Adults SGD 22, Children (3-12 years old) SGD 11 – Prices are subject to changes

Singapore Zoo

Come face to face with some of your favourite animals in this 28 hectare “open” zoo. There are over 3200 mammals, birds, reptiles and fish each living in their own natural habitats. The zoo is also home to many threatened species, so you’ll meet the babies of some of the most endangered animals on the planet including, white rhino, proboscis monkey and the manatee.

Location: 80 Mandai Lake Road
Phone: 65 6269 3411
Open: 8.30am to 6.00pm daily
Admission: Adults SGD 18, Children (3 – 12 years old) SGD 9 – Prices are subject to changes

Underwater World

Sentosa Island, Underwater World Singapore (UWS) takes you below the surface of the sea into a water filled wonderland. There are a myriad of fun activities and interesting exhibits to delight in, the highlight is an 83 metre long tunnel where you can get up close with sharks, rays and shoals of fish.

Underwater World Singapore plays a conservationist role as it rescues endangered turtle species and spearheading a coral relocation project in the Southern Islands.

Next, move along to Dolphin Lagoon where you can watch the pink dolphins playing with eachother and demonstrating their natural abilities. While you are here take the rare opportunity to swim with the Indo-Pacific Humbacked dolphins. Learn how to give them simple hand cues, whistle and feed them. Sessions happen daily (except Wednesdays) at 9.45am and cost $150 per person.

Another opportunity not to be missed is a unique underwater pedicure session performed by star fish. The program is called Fish Reflexology.

UWS is also home to the world’s first Oceanarium Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system. In the Living Fossils tank, each fish is tagged with an RFID. When the fish comes in close range of the detector antennas, visitors use the touch screen computers to find out more about this fish’s lifestyle including its name, diet and characteristics.

Location: 80 Siloso Road, Sentosa
Phone: 65 6275 0030
Open: 9.00am to 9.00pm daily
Admission: Adults SGD 22.90, Children (3 – 12 years old) SGD 14.60 – Prices are subject to changes

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