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Singapore Bars

Perhaps on par with food and shopping, Singapore is well known for its vibrant bar and nightlife scene. Singaporeans may work hard during the week, but when the weekend comes around they like to party at a huge range of bars, clubs and live music scenes.

If you’re looking for a touch of class head to one of the scenic rooftop bars, wine or cocktail bars. There’s an energetic atmosphere in these establishments and everyone is dressed to impress.

You may not have imagined it but Singapore has quite a good live music scene that frequents a number of trendy bars throughout the city. Well done covers and original numbers are performed in stylish venues that still offer good service and an extensive drink menu.

For the party goers, head out to any number of night clubs and themed bars for a taste of how Singaporeans can get loose. Whether you’re on the dance floor amid the beats being pumped out by great DJs of being wheeled around in a wheelchair at a hospital themed bar in Clark Quay, it’ll be a night you never forget.

Singapore River Bars

Singapore Nightclubs

There’s a huge selection of river bars, pubs and nightclubs overlooking the waters of the Singapore River. The locals will all tell you even if you’re only in Singapore for one night, you can’t pass up a night out in Clarke Quay and Boat Quay. You’ll be spoilt for choice with themed clubs, a full range of music and even floating pubs on restored Chinese junks. There really is something for everyone with a Highlander bar stocking the biggest selections of whiskys in the city, nightclubs with world renowned DJs, live music bars, jazz clubs, hospital themed cocktail bars and so much more.

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Empress Place Bars

A significant piece of Singapore’s Architecture, the Empress Place building has been beautifully restored to house the Asian Civilisations Museum, as well as a few trendy bars. Sit and enjoy a drink while admiring the Doric columns and rustic French windows while sitting in replica Ming Dynasty chairs.

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Robertson Quay Bars

Also named the “Mohamed Sultan area”, Robertson Quay offers relaxed dining by day, then transforms by night into another riverside party strip. Hop from pumping western style pubs to themed bars with décor like ancient Chinese-style art pieces and red lanterns.

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Orchard Road Bars

Orchard Road is known as the major shopping precinct in Singapore. It’s where you can find everything in terms of the latest fashions, accessories, jewellery, electronics, gifts and so much more. After late night shopping you also have the opportunity to visit the spectacular bars and clubs that are also part of the major shopping malls. They won’t look like bars on the outside, but inside you’ll discover stunning décor, lounges, pool tables, colourful cocktails, music and busy dance floors.

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Sentosa Bars Singapore

Just a bridge away from Singapore city is the holiday paradise of Sentosa Island. This is Singapore’s answer to a tropical island destination, where you can sip cocktails on the beach and taking in the sun. By night you can go exploring the bar scene, most of which involves outdoor beach bars with relaxed dress codes and even a Bikini Bar or two.

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St James Power Station Bars

In a feat of ingenuity, what was Singapore’s first coal-fired power station has been completely refurbished into an all-in-one entertainment destination to rival all others. This renovated seaside building is home to 10 different venues catering to all music tastes, but with only one entry fee.

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Singapore's Civic District Bars

The Civic District is known as the historic birthplace of Singapore, made up of hubs and landmark colonial buildings on the banks of the northern end of Singapore River. These old British Offices, banks, hotels and restaurants have been transformed to come alive at night with impressive electric light displays and a wide selection of music. These pubs and clubs are a night time hotspot for Singapore locals and travellers out for a great night.

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Holland Village, Rochester Park & Tangalin Village Bars

Once a plantation, then an army camp and eventually a modern dining district, the Tangalin Village, Holland Village and Rochester Park area becomes a trendy social hub most nights of the week. The renovated colonial buildings house a selection of bars with modern decor, stylised outdoor garden bars and impressive cocktail and wine lists.

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More Singapore Bars

While there are plenty of nightlife precincts throughout the city, sometimes you’ll discover some wonderfully unique experiences by moving just outside of the main social hubs. There are plenty more cool and trendy bars throughout Singapore so keep your eyes peeled, explore, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

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