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Eating in Singapore

Eating is a cultural past time in Singapore. In fact, when Singaporeans greet each other they usually use the expression “have you eaten yet?” This around the clock activity cuts down barriers and also makes for an amazing range of quality cuisine.

No matter what your tastes, you’re going to find something you like in this cultural melting pot of a city. There are districts known for their particular cultural theme such as Chinatown and even an Indian strip that makes the best curries in the country. Head to places like Clarke Quay for some of the best western food you’ve ever eaten alongside restaurants serving exceptional Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian, Turkish and whatever other cuisine you can imagine.

Many people come to Singapore for the culture and the shopping, but you could just as easily come here simply to eat. It would still be well worth the trip.

Singapore Restaurant Precincts

Eating and Dining in SingaporeFancy a meal with a beautiful view of Singapore River? Or maybe you are looking for a great place for lunch along Orchard Road? We've sorted our favourite restaurants into different precincts so you can choose the right restaurant for you.

Buffet Meals

Buffets are a great way to discover local cuisine. Everyone will find a favourite dish at one of the breakfast, lunch, dinner or high tea buffets served by Singapore's top hotels.

Hawker Meals

The Hawkers of Singapore have been dishing up delicious local fare in an open air arrangement for centuries. In these centres there are hundreds of stalls whipping up a dishes that are a mix of Malaysian, Indonesian, Indian and Chinese cuisines at reasonable prices.

High Tea

Since the British colonial rule, Singaporeans have enjoyed the English tradition of High Tea. Many hotels and restaurants offer traditional high tea menus and some offer Peranakan menus which are a mix of East meets West.

Cooking Classes

Master some of Singapore’s unique dishes at one of the many great culinary schools. With the mix of cultures in Singapore you can try your hand at Asian, Middle Eastern and European styles.

Nightclubs, Bars & Pubs

Whether you prefer fashionable bars and fabulous cocktails or an ice cold beer with a good view, Singapore has a nightspot for everyone. Find a nightclub, bar or pub to suit you and order a Singapore Sling.

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