Cool Bars in Singapore

Singapore is known for its nightlife, with people the world over remembering the couple of nights they spent in Singapore city. Part of that is thanks to the impressive array of themed and novelty bars the city has come up with.

If you wonder through the city, bar-hopping the night away, every now and again you’ll stumble on a place that stands out from the rest for the theme, decoration or some unusual concept you’ve never seen anywhere else. You could spend your whole holiday hopping from bar to bar, looking for these unique little talking points. Or you could go through our list of some of the particularly interesting nightspots.


Address: Red Dot Traffic Building, 28 Maxwell Road #01-04
Phone: 65 6327 4820

Artery is chic and contemporary within historical foundations in the Traffic Police Headquarters building. With artworks from local artists and designers showcased inside, this is where the cool people come to grab a drink and chill out.


Address: UE Square, 207 River Valley Road #01-51/52
Phone: 65 6235 6418

The West comes to the East in this bar where oriental decor mixes with dartboards and pool tables.

En Lounge

Address: UE Square, 207 River Valley Road #01-59/60
Phone: 65 6723 6863

With an extensive wine list, Euro-Japanese fusion cuisine and a pumping dance floor, En Lounge will have something to please everybody.

The Beach Hut

Address: Marine Cove Recreational Centre, 1000 East Coast Parkway
Phone: 65 6245 1932

Backpackers will feel at home in this Koh Samui / Bali style casual bar and restaurant.

Wild Oats

Address: Emily Hill, 11 Upper Wilkie Road
Phone: 65 6336 5413

Sitting next to the restaurant Wild Rocket, Wild Oats is set in a charming colonial mansion in a sprawling garden. Enjoy the retro, laid back vibe with your cocktail or beer.

The Siam Supperclub

Address: UE Square, 207 River Valley Road #01-53/55
Phone: 66 6627 0936

Sip on a Laughing Buddha Martini in this Buddha inspired venue with contemporary hits and quick Asian bites to keep you satisfied all night long

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